About Us

Halla is a California girl, who is a passionate fashion stylist, who worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years.

Very early on, as a young girl, Halla demonstrated having a great eye for fashion, Causing all her friends and family to always come to her for fashion advice. Halla stayed true to herself after graduating college, and went on to pursue a long and successful career in fashion.

Finally, after all these years of learning and growing as a professional fashion stylist, Halla decided to take her passion and many years of experience in the fashion industry to the next level, by starting her own clothing store, where she hand picks every piece herself, goes above and beyond to make sure she brings her clients the latest and greatest trends in fashion.

Boutique Lali, is an all American apparel store, with focus on current trends and styles. Halla believes that in today’s busy world, some customers do not have the time to pick each clothing piece individually; and that is where her expertise comes in. She takes the extra time and puts in the effort to select and mix and match ready to wear outfits.

Boutique Lali, Led by Halla, Strives to provide up to date trends at a reasonable price , without compromising quality .